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This page provides up to date information relating to MANCO1 :

  • Building works

Private householders can undertake repairs and alterations of their house and property in accordance with the Covenants and the Design and Community Code. Written permission should be obtained in advance from the Duchy of Cornwall for any alterations covered by the Stipulations.

Some alterations will require Planning Permission and/or Building Regulation Approval as well as Duchy of Cornwall approval, to avoid a breach of planning legislation.

  • MANCO1 Policy on the use of Skips and Scaffolding

The written consent of the MANCO1 Board is required prior to the positioning of skips and scaffolding on MANCO1 land.  The Board will always require proof of appropriate liability insurance before consideration is given to granting such consent.

The Board needs residents and their contractors to take all reasonable precautions to prevent injury to persons and damage to property.  The risks would include items such as obstructions to pavements, courtyards, courtyard access and use of roads which may impact pedestrians, prams, wheelchairs and scooters, bicycles and vehicles.